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Hiring Program:


We have discovered that many financial advisors and other professionals, prefer someone else handling certain aspects of the hiring process – and often, the entire process to avoid the costs associated with making poor hires. Kim can help with hiring too!

The package includes everything from identifying the candidate pool, to interviewing up to 8 candidates to checking reference letters and preparing an offer letter. The package includes any or all of the following:

Hiring includes:

  • Discuss the hiring need and determine a clear profile of the potential hire

  • Develop\refine the job description

  • Assist in determining appropriate salary range

  • Prepare compliant job posting, including articulating the selling points of the firm

  • Source and place job postings

  • Screen resumes

  • Select the top candidates (up to 8)

  • Send top candidate a few key questions by e-mail. The candidates will respond in writing, allowing for a preliminary test for comprehension, grammar and English.

  • Hold first interviews by Zoom, estimated to be 30 to 45 minutes

  • Provide feedback to hiring advisor team

  • Assist in determining whether other testing is required and provide tools\ recommendations for tests (technology, math etc.)

  • Set up 2nd Interviews for Advisor with shortlist of candidates

  • Conduct up to 3 Reference Checks

  • Facilitate the process for DiSC profiles on 2 to 3 Top Candidates (Completion of questionnaires and analysis of results including their strengths and weaknesses relative to the job duties and the team profile.)

  • Facilitate background and criminal record check

  • Prepare an offer letter

  • Inform unsuccessful candidates of decision

  • 30-minute debrief of the new hire’s Everything DiSC profile by Zoom

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